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Sidro (Engl. anchor) is a place where we want you to feel a small piece of feelings and life that sailors have. Located on a cliff in Istria - Croatia we wanted to create a fusion of foreign land and home. Sailors are sent to sea, to unknown places to work and earn money, often it's a journey of loneliness, homesickness, and new places that are often cold and don't have that homey feeling.

SIDRO - restaurant

Sidro tlocrt 3.png

Inspired by those feelings the Bar area is full of greens, mist, and cold materials, combined with cold artificial lights, and natural light that is coming through the big glass brick wall. There you can find drinks from all over the globe, from cocktails to special kinds of beer/cider or some unique drinks.

Across the entrance - the first thing you see are big doors and warm yellow light coming through them. It calls you to enter. That is where home is. Inspired by little Istrian streets and private spaces, firstly you have a small hallway that is similar to streets, and then it opens to the restaurant space. That space is divided into family spaces, singles, friends, dates, and special spaces. In the restaurant the food and the drinks are local - they are home.

Sailors often come home to their families or significant others, but when they retire, they like to sit on 'kantun' (Engl. corners) and just watch. Because of that, we have areas for one person to sit and watch over the whole restaurant.

Families have their own private arcades with big tables and 'brajda' (Engl. espalier) over them, resembling most of the private places in Istria.

For those who want to go on a friendly lunch, they can sit under the olive tree where they have a skylight above them, or under 'vrša' (Engl. sea traps) from where Lavanda blooms.

For the romantic ones going on dates, the back of the restaurant is slightly elevated, and with textures, materials, french doors, and special lighting that mood is set. Only three tables have a special private look at the open sea. Those are for the ones who wait patiently for their sailor to come home.

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