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BONACA - lightning


Mareta (Engl. slightly rough sea) lightning pendant is inspired by the Croatian word Mareta meaning a slightly rough sea. It has a centerpiece that is the axis of a lamp, and on one side of a thin sheet there is a ball-like lamp shade looking up that is fixed, and on the other side is a pendant with a ball-like lamp shade that has three positions within the thin sheet. Each position moves the thin sheet up or down on the center axis, and when the pendant is in place, it takes a few moments for the lightning pendant to calm down because it swings up and down after the movement like Mareta.

Bonaca (Engl. a very still sea) lightning pendant is inspired by the Croatian word Bonaca meaning a very still sea. It's a modular lamp that combines three pendants with a square shape shade and one pendant with a rectangular shade. It's connected with a thin sheet. All materials are natural - metal, cotton (textile cables), and wood. Lamp shades can be metal in black and white, and only a limited edition of it will be from olive wood. As a module, it can be used in large spaces such as a reception, and above a big dining table, or it can be used as a single pendant as a spot light.

MARETA - lightning

KLEPOS - anteroom


Inspired by a traditional piece of furniture that was specifically made for sharpening the blade of a hand grass cutter in Croatia called Kosa. When you want to sharpen the blade it's called Klepanje Kose. On the front, you have a vertical wooden beam on which it's placed a metal square rod. You place a blade on the rod, and with a hammer, you hit it until it becomes very thin and sharp. That hitting produces a very unique sound. So that sound combined with the name of this traditional custom is what inspired the name Klepos. 

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