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STEMWISE is a company that does consulting and writing projects in the STEM industry. While making the logo, and selecting the colors and fonts we wanted their clients to feel secure, and to send a message of high quality and understanding as well as a professional approach. Their identity is strong and bold because it stands by itself very aware of its qualities and advantages on the market.

STEMWISE - visual identity


Attorney at Law MM provides legal services for their clients. Through colors and shapes, we send a message of trust, knowledge, expertise, and quality. The very composition of elements in the logo conveys the safety and protection of clients. With a minimalistic and clean approach, we emphasized the very service that the client provides.

ATTORNEY AT LAW MM - visual identity

Contemporary center of Croatian traditional culture. A physical and virtual place where tradition meets a modern approach with the aim of understanding, questioning, and implementing tradition in today's youth life.

This project is conceived as a connection of the individual with his culture and tradition through the contemporary design of the subject environment.

Connecting with a sense of belonging, home, security, and happiness. Our environment has visibly
changed, especially in the last few years, and takes on a different meaning. From the constant
hustle and bustle of the city, going to work, and changing social environments, from work to coffee
shops, large squares, etc., everything came down to a simpler and calmer rhythm. The rhythm of
home and necessary duties. What surrounds us is the space we live in and the people we hang out

con.tra- visual identity

BYOB conference - visual identity

The first Be Your Own Boss conference brought together more than 300 female entrepreneurs from the region and reminded them of the importance of female support in entrepreneurship.
At the conference, held in November 2021, over 40 speakers and lecturers, a large number of volunteers, and the number of visitors that exceeded all expectations were a definite sign that the conference was a great decision.

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