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Have you ever been in a place and then got the sudden urge to travel somewhere by the sea, somewhere warm, and feel all the smells, their food, and drinks? Yes? We got you covered. That was exactly the concept design behind this project. Create a little Italy in the heart of the Czech Republic.

LITTLE ITALY in Czech Republic

martini fiero-33.png

The design of a terrace for a restaurant was meant for clients to bring them the feeling of sitting on a terrace in Italy, although they are not physically there, mentally, they sure are.

Expect the visual aspect where we incorporated details from traditional Italian terraces - like the tiles, colors, textures, etc. We also wanted them to feel like they were there. With that in mind, we used our 5 senses method to achieve that. The first one was the smell - we carefully placed citrus trees like lemons and oranges, and in planters, you can find lavender and immortelle. Second was the taste, Martini Fiero was the highlight of it all, but also the food - pasta, and other traditional Italian recipes. Then the sound - music which we carefully selected traditional Italian music to give the clients a proper background for setting the mood. And lastly the touch - we carefully picked chairs that are modern but resemble the feeling of sitting on a metal chair with a cushion that you sit on a terrace in Italy, also the napkins were 100% white cotton, and the tiles on the tables gave that cold and textured feeling.

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