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Art Expedition event was created in Spain in collaboration with Sip and Pain Malta where we wanted to bring out the child in adults. In this concept, we wanted to light that spark of excitement, exploration, and creativity. The idea was to create a hunt for supplies needed for creative workshops by solving riddles.



Each person knew beforehand what kind of creative workshops were there, but no one knew which one they would get. By purchasing the ticket, each person was given a number which was randomly put in one of a few teams. So if they arrived with their friends, there was no guarantee they would be in the same team, but that was also intentional. In today's world we as people got estranged from one another, and in our Croatian culture and identity we were always a part of a large community, the idea was to provide a space for introducing people and making new connections.

After the teams got together the hunt began. By solving riddles, they are finding clues that lead them to their creative workshop.

The workshops lasted 45 minutes and were very simple, and fun, there were no mistakes or doing something wrong, they were the place to explore and learn, but most of it was to have fun!

After the workshops, they all went to mingle with a glass of wine and delicious food from local farmers. There was also live music, and a few more surprises.

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